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Concept & Vision

Company Concept/Profile (download pdf)
The company was founded in April 2009 by Günther Fenk. SolSaCon collaborated with several other professionals and companies, who also sign up to the guiding principle ‘... collaborated results’. Large organizations and SMEs from manufacturing,automotive, media, ICT, finance and business sectors profit from the know how of the SolSaCon expert team. They literally carve the cutting edge of solution sales.

Interview with Günther Fenk, Founder of SolSaCon


SolSaCon stands for the values sustainability – business ethics – transparency – intercultural management – company responsibility.

Sector knowledge, scientific principles and theories for the planning and control of company processes are important. These can be successfully implemented for our customers in combination with deep management expertise and experience in the managerial levels of international companies.
At the same time our Motto: ‘... collaborated results’ is the philosophy and basis of our business dealings since only the collaboration of several forces, of people with different knowledge and varied experience gives rise to something ‘new’ and creates added value and use.

Naturally, ‘... collaborated results’ requires specific basic values amongst experts,management and companies: trust, openess, communication readiness, accuracy, planning safety, efficiency, fun in teamwork and the demand of reaching the best possible results. SolSaCon brings teams and companies together to achieve such targets under optimum conditions.

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