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Interview with Günther Fenk, founder of SolSaCon


What is special about SolSaCon and can you describe in two sentences what the company does?

GF: SolSaCon supports groups and medium sized companies with the essential processes, methods and functions, systems and tools with respect to sales and marketing for solutions.

We all come from top management, know our target branches and realise exactly the demands entailed in the management of companies and the control of international sales and customer structures. Finally a third sentence: SolSaCon stands for a living EcoSystem.


What do you then mean by the SolSaCon EcoSystem?

GF: Joint targets, efficiency, trust, permanent interaction, collaboration of different management levels and experts (including our customers) who have many years experience and deep basic knowledge.

Perfect interaction between project and process management. Knowledge transfer …

I could think of a whole load of examples.

(Check Wikipedia for more in depth findings.)


What’s your work motto/life motto?

GF: "...collaborated results" & "enjoy working with intelligent and nice people" and “Carpe diem”.


Favourite technology?

GF: Combustion engine with lots of horse power and internet on the move since these make it possible to realise the work and life mottos.


Most hated sentence in consulting?

GF: ”I recommend this to you." and "We should look at it like this." I really don’t want to hear this. It’s fatal when these sentences come from people who have never had the actual responsibility for issues and results.


Favourite tools for project management?

GF: I prefer using basic tools such as:
Paper, pen and speech (iPhone, Skype, direct communication). If it’s more “complicated" then also Microsoft Office tools. The personal organisation with Evernote, email and calendar is really important.


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